Welcome To CareToHope.ca

CareToHope serves to help critically ill Canadians, their families, friends and communities. CareToHope’s focus is to provide; support, guidance, relevant articles and information, and Provincial/Territory-specific resources and links.

Peggy Mahoney is the force behind CareToHope.ca. She has suffered through a life-threatening, critical illness and was shocked by the lack of help for patients trying to navigate through the system and recover. Her background includes being a Manager and Executive Director in the community non-profit sector. She has a considerable background in the running of organizations related to mental health and the community. In addition, she has been a psychologist and counsellor for over 30 years with specialized management and training skills. This unique combination of personal, educational and professional experience provides the foundation of CareToHope.ca and the ability to successfully provide these services to clients.


Peggy Mahoney, Director

Our Vision

Through fostering awareness and community support, our vision is to create a climate of compassion and giving towards community members who are critically ill in Canada so that they may:

  • Receive the information and support they need to make informed decisions.
  • Receive the financial assistance they need for expenses associated with their illness and treatment.
  • Ultimately, have universal access to treatment.

Our Mission

  • To offer multiple support services and resources for Canadian patients experiencing critical illness
  • Provide information about financial resources offered by government programs and large organizations
  • Provide on-line counselling for emotional support throughout the process