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Financial Assistance:

Alberta has several income support programs for people with varying needs that are divided into several client sub-types.

There is a complex matrix of subgroups within sub-types. If you qualify for the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, (AISH), the living allowance is up to $1,588. One of the provisions is to apply for CPP-D which would be clawed back if successful.

If turned down for AISH, there are other sub-types with housing and core funding available if you qualify such as sub-types 42-47 under Barriers to Full Employment. The amounts vary according to your sub-type and situation and for a single individual it is less than $1,000.

Many Albertans eligible for Income Support also receive health benefits, and job training. In addition, you can apply for an emergency allowance if needed.

Links to get started:

Income support:

Disability services:

Client sub-type Barriers to Full Employment:


Travel Assistance: (see Territories for NWT)

Alberta does not have a universal travel assistance program for those travelling to receive medical services. Cancer Patients can apply for some assistance through the Canadian Cancer Society (below).

Medication Coverage Programs:

Alberta provides Supplementary Health Benefit Plans for the severely disabled, those receiving income support and low income residents.


Charitable Organizations:

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society Financial Assistance Program for Alberta and NWT helps provide travel subsidies for those with cancer, travel, accommodation and assistance with escort/support person.

Information about cancer lodges in Alberta:

Kidney Foundation Resources: