British Columbia

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This is a living document and we want to add to it as we grow. Please use these resources and links as a starting point and if you discover additional programs, tips or tricks, let us know.

BC Financial Assistance:

This program is designed to be the small net at the bottom. New policies will require you to also apply for CPP-D (see federal government).

Rate Table:

Patient Travel Assistance Program (TAP):

BC has a universal Travel Assistance Program (TAP) for patients referred to another region of the province. Pick up the pink TAP form from your doctor and make sure the Physician numbers are filled in. You activate the assistance over the phone with an automated line featured on the back of the pink form. Make sure you have your health care number and appointment information with you when you call in.

Medication Assistance Programs:

Eligibility for the ‘BC Fair Pharmacare’ program is based on income (tax data from two years prior to application).

Application form:

If your income decreases 10% or more, you can apply for a review that could be effective immediately.

  • Your family’s net income must have decreased by 10% or more from the amount used to calculate your current level of coverage, and

  • You will need to provide acceptable documentation to support your income information.

  • Important: You can apply for an income review only for the current year and must submit your application before December 31. You cannot apply for a review for a previous year.

Income Review Form:

Medical Services Plan (MSP):

BC is one of the only provinces that charge a monthly premium for their medical services plan. If your income decreases, you can apply for premium assistance. Full assistance is provided for individuals whose income is less than $22,000.


Charitable Organizations:

Canadian Cancer Society:

Financial Assistance (dependent on income):
Transportation to Treatment:


Kidney Foundation Resources

Local Non-Governmental Organizations

Happy Liver Society:

Provides accommodation in Vancouver for liver transplant patients, (on a first come basis).


If you know of other resources or have tips, tricks about the resources described here, please let us know.