This is a living document and we want to add to it as we grow. Please use these resources and links as a starting point and if you discover additional programs, tips or tricks, let us know.

Services for People with Disabilities:

Financial Assistance:

EIA for Person’s with Disabilities

In additional to core financial support, this program may offer additional benefits.


Employment and Income Assistance

If you do not qualify for EIA Disabilities, this program is designed to be the last resort. For individuals who meet the criteria for financial assistance, the monthly rate is less than $1,000.00.


The Northern Patient Transportation Program subsidizes medical transportation costs for eligible norther Manitobans living north of the 53/51st parallel.

Many patients in Manitoba are also referred out of province for treatment.

Out of province travel:

Some costs for travel may be covered when a treatment is not available in Manitoba:

Medication Plans:

Manitoba has an income based program similar to BC and is based on income tax data from 2 years ago. The program covers up to 100% eligible expenses on eligible medications. There is also a deductible that can be charged monthly rather a front loaded expense of medications.

You must apply:

Charitable Organizations:

Canadian Cancer Society:

Financial Assistance through the Canadian Cancer Society (may depend on income):

Travel: Volunteer drivers and travel assistance:

Kidney Foundation Resources:


If you know of other resources or have tips, tricks about the resources described here, please let us know