Prince Edward Island

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This is a living document and we want to add to it as we grow. Please use these resources and links as a starting point and if you discover additional programs, tips or tricks, let us know.

Financial Assistance:

Disabled and ill people must apply for general financial assistance. The amounts are broken down to very small amounts for shelter, food, clothing etc.  Disabled people may qualify for small amounts of additional funds.

Travel and Accommodation:

For transplant patients:

Travel for other patients:


Note article Jan 21, 2014:

Medication Programs:

PEI has several Drug Programs (27)

For low income individuals and families collecting social assistance, you must apply separately. Cancer Society:

Charitable Organizations

Canadian Cancer Society:
Financial Help:

Travel and Accommodation:

Kidney Foundation Resources




If you know of other resources or have tips, tricks about the resources described here, please let us know.