This is a living document and we want to add to it as we grow. Please use these resources and links as a starting point and if you discover additional programs, tips or tricks, please let us know.

Income Support for People with Disabilities (SAID):

This program is designed to be the small net at the bottom, for individuals who meet the criteria for financial assistance.

Should you not qualify for SAID, there are other financial support programs.

Travel and Accommodation for Health Appointments:

At the time of publication, we could not find a travel assistance program for Saskatchewan.  The Northern Medical Transportation program provides emergency transport for all northern residents and non-emergency transportation for social assistance clients to attend medical treatment outside of their community.

Note: Ambulance trips are very costly in Saskatchewan. For seniors, the cost of a trip are capped at $275 while low income may have the cost reduced.

Medication Plans and Supplementary Benefit Plans:

In Saskatchewan, there are several ‘Drug Plans’ each with different criteria for eligibility:

Supplementary benefits are available for those who are enrolled in specific income support programs and for low income families.<

Charitable Organizations:

Canadian Cancer Society:

Financial Assistance (may depend on income):


The Getting to Treatment Program may be provided by the Canadian Cancer Society using volunteer drivers and through providing financial assistance with the costs of transportation and accommodation.


Cancer Patient lodges are provided by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency:

Kidney Foundation Resources:



If you know of other resources or have tips, tricks about the resorces described here, please let us know.